Hotel Entertainers

Red Star Events has build-up a large portfolio of hotel entertainers throughout the years. Our hotel entertainers are some of the best in their business. Possessing all the skills need to entertain your hotel guests and to keep the rating up. The hotel entertainers are also the best guest relations tool of any hotel or cruise ship. Talking to your guests, entertaining them during the day and evening time. Our hotel and cruise entertainers are available around the globe.

All entertainers speak a minimum of 2 languages and have all round skills. They can be booked to upgrade the existing team or as a single entertainer.

Possible skills:

  • Entertainment Manager
  • Team Manager
  • Sport responsible
  • All round sport entertainer
  • Sport/dancing entertainer
  • Child entertainer
  • Fitness coach
  • Choreographer
  • Stage Builders
  • Sound & light technicians / DJ
  • Artistic Director