Living Buffet – Strolling Table

At Red Star Events you are at the right address for living buffets and strolling tables. These unique, beautiful characters can make an amazing interactive eye catcher on any kind of corporate or private event. They can meet and greet your guests at the entrance and offer them a drink or an appetizer to start your event.

The characters come in a wide variety of themes and colors and can serve all kinds of drinks, foods and promotional materials. Some characters are mobile and can mix and mingle with your guests, being an amazing walkabout act.

Bookable worldwide for a single event or for a longer period of time, these creative characters will make your event one to remember.

Some characters bookable at Red Star Events :

  • Showgirl, Las Vegas, Gatsby
  • Carnival, Brazilian styled tables
  • Colored themed tables : Gold, Silver, Multicolored, UV, LED , White
  • Ethnic themed tables : Oriental, Geisha, USA, Russian, etc
  • Winter wonderland
  • Mermaid, Neptune
  • Food or Drink inspired : Champagne girls, German beer maid, Cupcake
  • Sexy human buffet : Fruits, Sushi

Don’t find what you are looking for? Contact us and we’ll help you out.