Champagne Glass Dancer

Looking for a Champagne Glass Dancer or Giant Champagne or Martini glass? Here at Red Star Events we will help you out. We are proud to be able to provide you  with different Giant Glasses from around the globe. These eye catching items and the beautiful dancer will amaze and captive your guests or clients. Whether you are looking for a giant eye catcher for your trade fair or a sensual act for your dinner party, this act is perfect for almost all occasions.

The glass can be filled with colored water but is also perfect to be filled with hand-out gadgets or your products. These giant glasses can also be used to serve drinks from. The color of the liquid and the costume of the dancers inside can be completely customized to fit your themed event. Stickers or extra decoration can also be added to the glass to incorporate logos.

The glasses are also perfect for every nightclub or festival!

There are 2 basic shapes which are the deep, elegant, round champagne glass and the wider, shallower martini glass.

Looking for more information and possibilities about this amazing act? Don’t hesitate to contact our staff.